Drain Cleaning

Drainage services are a core Jet Clean service offering, both for planned and emergency drain and sewer services. Our advanced high pressure water jetting equipment will take care of any blocked or overflowing drains and ensure the elimination of any grease, dirt or debris without causing damage to the system.

Note: We are fully compliant with all current EPA guidelines and ensure that all grease is disposed of safely.

Drain Cleaning Service, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

Drain Cleaning Services

Having seen a rising demand in recent years we have added the services of Smoke Testing and Rodent Prevention to our range of sewer and pipe offerings. If your home or business has a problem of unwanted rodents or odours we have two simple solutions.

Smoke testing is a technique used to locate any defects in your drainage system and is commonly used for odour detection. Our smoke testing machine will pump non-toxic smoke into the system which will go with the flow of air through the pipes and will then escape from the same point as the smell. We can then trace the smoke visually and establish the exact location of the odour.

Rodent Prevention

Rats in sewers and pipes is a worldwide problem. Luckily Jet Clean has a simple and cheap solution. The RATFLAP® we use is made of stainless steel and precision cut by laser meaning it will last for decades. It is a simple ‘fit and forget’ solution which prevents rats from moving from main sewer systems into the pipes serving properties, it will also stop rats from breaking out of damaged pipes keeping your home or business reassuringly rat-free.

No Dig Patch Repair Lining

This service is an economical and efficient way to repair cracks, breaks, corrosion, root intrusion and opened or displaced joints. We use a patch infused with an epoxy resin and wrapped around a pipe packer. The packer is then inserted into the defective area before inflation. After an hour the resin cures and the packer is removed, leaving a new wall inside your pipe or drain. This is a cost effective, permanent and water tight solution eliminating the need for costly and inconvenient excavations.