Septic Tank Maintenance

Most people only think about their septic tank when there is a smell or overflow. However, EU law states that septic tanks should be emptied every year to prevent blockages and groundwater pollution. Having your septic tank emptied and cleaned before or on schedule not only helps prevent any nasty smells, it also helps lengthen its lifespan.

Septic Tank Emptying Service, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

Jet Clean has invested significantly in the best technology to reduce and remove wastes irrespective of the depth, consistency, location or volume of the material. We work with both domestic and commercial clients, either in cases of emergency or in cases of ongoing maintenance agreements.

Septic Tank Services

Tank Cleaning Waste Removal

As a national waste collection permit holder, we can safely and legally transport tank cleaning waste to a wide network of approved disposal facilities.

Expert tips on getting the best results from your Septic Tank

  • Tank should be inspected and desludged once a year
  • Never throw the following down the toilet or sink: baby wipes, sanitary towels, light plastics, cotton buds, grease / fat
  • Avoid the use of sink macerators which put extra pressure on the system
  • Ensure the tank is installed by a qualified person and insist on a certificate of installation upon completion. Similarly, only a qualified technician should carry out tank maintenance as treatment systems emit harmful gas, fumes and vapours