Soft Washing /Power Washing

Jet Clean has invested in the most up-to-date machinery and technology to provide the best service in Munster in exterior washing, gutter cleaning and patch repair lining. Whether it’s an unsightly red/green film on your home or a tired façade to your business, we provide all the services to get your home or business looking back to its best.

Soft Washing Service, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

Soft Washing

Soft Wash Exterior Cleaning is a highly effective process for cleaning exterior surfaces such as render, roofs, pebble dash, dry dash, concrete, brick, tarmac and decking. Jet Clean uses a biocide that is a soft gentle treatment to remove unsightly red and green algae, moss, lichen and mould without damaging surfaces. This new technology allows our customers in all sectors to clean and restore exterior surfaces in a sustainable way. Evidence shows that our professional grade biocides produce much longer lasting results removing moss, algae, lichen and fungi from all exterior surfaces.

Power Washing

We are specialists in power washing, whatever the surface – driveway, concrete, brick, paving, cobble lock and patio cleaning, our wash service can handle it all. Our completely self-contained vans allow us to provide our washing service in any location for any project, large or small, commercial or domestic. Whether you need to remove chewing gum from a public footpath outside your business premises or simply bring your driveway back to life our high tech equipment delivers high pressure water to cut through grime, dirt and oil cleanly and efficiently.

Power Washing Service, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

Gutter Cleaning

It is recommended that gutters be inspected and cleared of any blockages twice annually. Gutter Cleaning ensures the smooth flow and disposal of rainwater and reduces the risk of blocking which can lead to water damage to outer walls, roofs and later the foundations of your building. Too much moss or grass in your gutters becomes very heavy and can break them or cause them to fall off. The team at Jet Clean offers a fantastic gutter cleaning service for your home or business. The equipment is used at ground level and uses a vacuum system for the safe and thorough cleaning of your gutters. Downpipe entry points and outlets are checked and cleared and gutters are fully flushed to ensure water is flowing freely.